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Dancing For Weight Loss - A Fun Way to Burn Calories

23 Jan 2023 0 Comments
Dancing For Weight Loss

Get up and get moving!!

Want to have more energy, feel better and even add a few more years to your life? Just move it!!

In today’s fast moving world the path of attaining the goal of being fit and healthy looks quite blurred as people often face the issue of not having plenty of time to do yoga and workouts. How miserable our lives are becoming if we can’t even spare time for our own health? Apart from healthy eating habits, you need to keep your body moving in some way. Obviously it’s not easy but we can make it easy by adding fun to it. People often face this misconception that the only way of achieving a fit body is hitting the gym. But guess what you don’t need to sweat it out in the gym, carry the weights for hours everyday if you don’t want to, because Zumba and other dance forms will do the same for you, dance will make you fit!! 

People often presume that only overweight people are supposed to workout daily. But that's not how a human body works. If one wants to make it function properly everyone should pick up any way of keeping your body active irrespective of the weight or other things regarding it. Not only it'll keep you blooming and healthy but will also keep your mental and physical health in check.  Even half an hour of random dance with your favourite song on speaker behind closed doors will burn calories and get your heart pumping. 

Your body just needs movement to be perfectly fine no matter if you are providing it from ballet barre workout, belly dancing, a bharatanatyam recital, zumba or carrying weights.

Every physical activity has its own way of contributing to reducing your calories and making it easy to take a step towards your goal. For example one hour of practicing bharatanatyam helps you burn 500 calories, Zumba burns around 650 calories, hip hop burns 450 calories, Ballet 430 calories, salsa burns 500 calories and belly dancing helps in burning around 580 calories. 

But the results take time to finally be visually noticeable so consistency is the key. 

No matter your movement style, what you choose to wear while keeping up with your fitness activities also plays an important role. It not only provides you with motivation to look good while you burn calories, but it also is necessary to wear clothing that is designed keeping in mind your comfort and mobility while being budget friendly. The Dance Bible provides premium movement wear across different dance styles and workouts that is affordable and attractive. Made from fabrics suited to the particular dance forms for enhanced stretchability, movement and breathability. 

Our functional dance clothing and activewear is moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, anti-odour. Try it out and get moving.

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