After a sweat-worthy ballet class, two friends sat under the roof of a dance studio in 2014 and felt the need to start a dance community – a place for dreamers & doers, who dance through life! Both the co-founders are passionate dancers, busy in their 9-5 jobs the only solace they found was in their dance classes. In India back then, dance was not yet accepted as a professional career, those that did pursue the artform didn’t get enough support from the society, neither emotional or financial. The arts as an industry has always struggled with getting appreciation and compensation. We wanted to change that. And make the dance industry a thriving place in India, where anyone who wanted to pursue their dreams never felt limited. From that one idea, emerged The Dance Bible.
The beginnings of The Dance Bible can be traced back to a wordpress blog. In a very short span of time, it became the go-to source for dance inspiration, resources and news. From how-to articles, to dancer’s diaries, from Interviews with dance maestros to sharing dance events taking place all over India, from dance anatomy to inspiring quotes and memes; the blog got massive response from all spheres. The founders, both forward thinkers and visionaries did not waste any time in riding with the wave of appreciation that came their way. Soon a website was born along with a Facebook page that saw unexpected jump in numbers. In less than a year, we became a massive community of over 2L followers on Facebook. This new and refreshing platform also won acknowledgement and saw readership from across the globe. The Dance Bible in its very initial stages interviewed the likes of Diane King, Executive Director of Broadway Dance Center, New York; Roni Koresh, Artistic Director of Koresh Dance Company, Philadelphia; renowned Kathak Guru Padmashri Shovana Narayan, amongst others.
The Dance Bible consistently lived and owned their values and beliefs. Always wanting to create a better environment for dancers and choreographers, they curated and conducted first of its kind multi-style Dance Workshops in Delhi which till date are popular amongst the community as Delhi Dance Marathons. These workshops gave dance studios a new audience and footfall, provided choreographers and dance teachers with new opportunities, greater networking and wider revenue streams; and gave dance enthusiasts a chance to move out of their comfort zones and learn a new dance style.
The dance community’s feedback and needs has always played a pivotal part in the growth of The Dance Bible. Responding to the market needs, the founders brainstormed over a cup of coffee the next big step towards world domination 😎 They put their designer hats on, worked tirelessly day and night with the aim of bringing the joy of dance into everyday lives. Thus, launched India’s first dance inspired lifestyle store with dance themed t-shirts, posters, mugs, accessories and other merchandise. Soon after, they dipped their toes into launching authentic and professional dancewear in India. The market demand was huge and having a keen eye and ear on the ins and outs of the dance industry, they brought much needed products that dancers and fitness lovers longed for so long- ballet shoes, leotards, belly dance wear, dance accessories and costumes, fitness and yoga leggings & more. Today, The Dance Bible is a growing dance brand in India; a one stop shop for all dance and movement enthusiasts, focusing on Quality, Accessibility & Affordability.
The duo behind the brand are two creatives who never in their wildest dreams thought they would enter the world of entrepreneurship until dance brought them here. While one comes from an IT background working in a multinational company and is known to find a logical workflow to any given challenge; the other is a management post graduate who left behind a seven year career in banking to channelize her relationship management skills in the dance industry. This entrepreneurial journey has come with its own share of challenges. The Dance Bible has seen copy cats, individuals with vested interests trying to slow down their growth, hacked Instagram accounts, to name a few. But the biggest challenge came when one of the co-founders had to move to London to keep up with family commitments. But as they say, “Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you.” What has always kept the two going is their strong fundamentals, belief in their core values and determination to succeed. The Dance Bible has been built on a dancer’s dreams, customer trust and loyalty, teamwork, listening, empathy, and fairness. Here for their community, team and customers 24*7 all year round; If you fancy a chat with them drop an email at