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The Influence of Hip Hop Dance on Street Style Fashion

18 Jan 2023
Hip Hop Dance Dresses


We as a generation are not oblivious to the ethereal spirit of fashion and the influence that the multi-billion dollar industry has on our world today. Dance and fashion are two powerful ways to express yourself and your uniqueness, it gives you the freedom of experimentation. Even with exponential growth and rapid changes in and around the fashion industry, street fashion or hip hop fashion has managed to persist and evolve along with its culture; it is a strong expression of who you are. It is personal. The fashion subculture initially started as a cultural vogue of the African American community where poverty was prevailing at the time and all they had access to were ill-fitting hand-me -downs which they wore, styled and owned with pride, feeling no need to hide who they are. 

Streetwear fashion has consistently been complex through its numerous eras, not being restricted to a specific trend or design. There is not one piece of style that defines you, what you wear speaks to you more than it speaks about you. It is all about how your clothes make you feel. Being one of the major fashion subcultures in our generation, Hip Hop fashion has a huge impact on the industry. As funk and hip hop grew as genres, artists were widely being idolized by people as they started picking up the distinctive new style, this sparked a surge in popularity of name brand clothes and shoes. Today we see huge and famous brands collaborating with hip hop and Funk artists and iconic influencers and the association of the hip hop subculture fashion to individuality and distinctiveness. 

In Fashion, individuality is about nonconformity, veering away from fashion trends and being independent from societal expectations, refusing to be confined in a box. Wearing what makes you happy and comfortable gives you the confidence and aplomb to achieve anything and everything in life. The Dance Bible brings you a selection of designer clothes that are flashy, and on fleek for your dance and workouts.

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