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How to Dress for a Dance Class? Basic Dance Attire for Different Dance Styles

23 Mar 2023 0 Comments
Dress for a Dance Class



Dancing is all about originality, uniqueness and personality, so having a compulsory formal outfit is counterintuitive. Beautiful and skillful dance is fueled by passion and wearing what you love and feeling great is important to be able to express yourself. Right fit and style is very important in making you feel like a million bucks, whether in dance class or performing on stage; so a dance attire check can never be a bad idea. Here are a few dance training wear essentials that will make your training as a dancer easier and have a huge impact on your performance.

For a Ballet dancer: 

  • Tights - Tights give your legs the compression and coverage that every dancer needs for a trouble free performance. A dancer should always have an extra pair of tights in their dance bags, in case of tearing, excessive sweating and stains.

  • Leotards - Leotards and bodysuits are essential for every dancer, you can wear one if you're appearing on stage, practicing, or trying to be a superhero 😉

  • Leggings - Leggings are a life-saver. They are warm, shape your body flawlessly and give you freedom of mobility and comfort. Printed leggings look funky and are perfect for a fitness fit check. Also, they are super cute 😍

  • Ballet shoes - Wearing proper ballet shoes that fit you right is equally important to prevent injury and elevate your performance. 

  • For a Hip Hop dancer:

  • Baggy pants - There is nothing better and more stylish than baggy pants. They are perfectly comfortable and a lot easier to dance in. There are various options available today like stylish mesh joggers, relaxed-fit pants or funky multi coloured lowers, they can be an awesome addition to your street style.

  • Dance shoes - Wearing the right shoes can honestly elevate the level and comfort of your performance. Hip hop dancers can wear sneakers or loafers to be confident and comfortable while practicing and performing.

  • Quirky graphic t-shirts - They are comfortable and bring out your personality. You can honestly never go wrong with a graphic t-shirt or a tank top, they look awesome with almost everything.

  • For Bharatanatyam dancers:

  •  Bharatanatyam costumes -  Beautiful and colorful bharatanatyam dresses are worn by bharatanatyam dancers to make the performance lively and graceful. These can be ready to wear costumes made from silk sarees or cotton practice sarees.

  • Jewellery and ornaments - Bharatanatyam dancers are adorned with beautiful temple jewellery and ornaments for their performance. The dancers need to be dressed in a manner that depicts the richness and glory of the Indian culture and traditions, thus, they need to be beautified and furnished with jewels and makeup.

  • Gungroo - Ghungroo holds a vital and important place in Indian Classical Dance and it is the primary instrument and ornament that a dancer must wear before practicing or performing to emphasize and intensify the rhythmic footwork of the dancers

  • For Belly dancers:

  • Skirts - Flowy skirts look awesome and add a little flare to your performance

  • Hip scarves - Belly belts are a very basic item that every belly dancer just needs to have, it helps you enhance your hip movements. You can opt for a shiny and jingly hip scarf to add a little jazz to your choreography. 

  • Harem pants - Harem pants are actually a great option for regular practice, they give your hips the right compression and are quite comfortable. Slit harem pants can make your performance sensual and stand out while giving you the ease and flexibility to perform. 

  • Crop tops - You're going to need a bunch of pretty crop tops to flaunt your beautiful moves. Crop tops make an amazing belly dancing outfit and they are quite easily available as well, you can choose from a wide range of designer to graphic crop tops as per your style and occasion. 
  • Check out our amazing collection at for every dancewear you'll need to move comfortable and fashionably.


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